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Special Sealing Effect Of Octagonal Metal Ring Gasket

Jul 31, 2017

Metal octagonal gasket made of forging and heat treatment and mechanical processing, is a kind of oil and gas used in the pipe flange, pressure vessel, high-speed joint surface, high temperature and high pressure valve cover and other metal gasket, especially pressure, temperature Fluctuation of the occasion, can still maintain a good seal.

This metal ring pad is a metal material from the forging and heat treatment and mechanical processing into a cross-sectional shape for the octagonal solid metal gasket, with a radial self-tightening effect, is a standard R-type metal ring pad, its role The principle is that the gasket is in contact with the inner and outer surfaces (mainly the outer side) of the flange ladder groove and is compressed to form a sealing action.

The octagonal metal ring pad is installed in the ladder ring groove of the flange surface. When the connecting bolt is tightened, it is compressed by the axial compression and the upper and lower ladder groove, resulting in plastic deformation, forming an annular sealing tape and establishing the initial seal. After the boost, under the action of the medium pressure, the ring pad radial expansion. Gasket and trapezoidal groove of the ramp more tight, resulting in self-tightening. However, the increase in the pressure of the media will also make the flange and connecting bolts deformation, resulting in the relative separation between the sealing surface, the gasket seal than the relative decline, so the ring pad can be considered a semi-tight seal.

The octagonal metal ring pad is mainly in contact with the flange groove. Compared with the oval ring pad, it is easy to use with the flange groove, but it can be used again, and the cross section is easy to process by the straight line. At the same time use octagonal metal ring material hardness should be lower than the flange surface 15 ~ 20HB.

Stainless steel octagonal gasket is a very important role in the current application, its main gas is used for oil and gas pipe flange. In the general corrosion resistance, oxidation, wear and so on different aspects are playing a very important role in the shape of the above in addition to the stainless steel octagonal gasket outside. There is a R-type octagonal pad, which is part of a different aspect, variety of materials and forms for different design and operational requirements, according to the different needs of users to carry out the relevant design, which is sufficient to To meet the different needs of users